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California First To Sell Build America Bonds And Take Advantage of Federal Recovery Act

Gov. Schwarzenegger Said on Wednesday that California is the first state in the nation selling Build America Bonds, and taking advantage of the new Federal Recovery Act . With this help, more than 5,000 projects will be restarted in California. Restarted projects cover everything from transportation, school construction, environmental and park projects, infrastructure projects and more. Many of these projects have been on hold since December 2008.

One of the most awaited projects to get restarted for Sacramento is the  The Railyards in the downtown district.

The Railyards, a joint venture with Thomas Enterprises will redevelop the 240-acre downtown Sacramento railyard, that has been on the books for several years.

Governor Schwarzenegger released a statement after the California Transportation Commission voted to give additional American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) funding designated by the federal government for highway transportation infrastructure projects.

He said “We must maximize the use of precious tax dollars – not only in California’s General Fund spending but also with the Recovery Act funds coming into the state for federally defined purposes.  President Obama designated Recovery Act funding for transportation infrastructure to create and save jobs while also investing in our nation’s infrastructure – and in California we are working around the clock to take full advantage of each and every dollar.”

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Sacramento Area Unemployment- Wer’e In For A Long Economic Fight…

Upcoming Cuts in Sacramento area government jobs, including State and County services, will surely affect the Sacramento real estate market.

With the state of California about to start a round of massive layoffs beginning with about 6,000 employees in the next month, the Sacramento job pool is surely going to shrink.  The Capital region is home to many state offices who will be affected by the job cuts. Also struggling with the economy; Sacramento area Police Forces, road workers, firemen, teachers… 

The Sacramento area, four-county region’s jobless rate dropped to around 11 percent last month, compared to a modern-day record 11.4 in March, ending 11 consecutive months of rising unemployment. The drop in unemployment was surely boosted by the California state government actually adding 500 jobs last month.

Why would they do that?

Depending on whose numbers you use, we lost as a state, around 63,000–64,000 Jobs in California last month. This summer’s numbers won’t be so good…

The national economy lost 345,000 jobs in May, taking the total to 14.5 million unemployed workers.  The state has lost 706,700 jobs during the past year, the most in the nation. Almost 2.06 million people are unemployed, about 35,000 fewer than a month ago.

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Top 10 Things To do Over Christmas Break in Sacramento

California State Capital Museum,Sacramento

 How great it would be to have ten days or so to just go do what I want… I can hardly imagine how that would feel, to be in Sacramento and not have a thing to do, not one appointment, one phone call to make, not one bill to pay or anybody to check up on.

The last time I felt like that was a long time ago when I would come home from college. If I had to find something to do for the next ten days, I would:

1. Visit Crocker Art Museum;

     -Founded in the 1870s, Crocker Art Museum is known as the first art museum in the West…

2. Go to Sutter’s Fort

     -Built in 1839, it is the original California gold rush symbol, and really fun employees/guides…

3. Meander through the California State Indian Museum

     -Right next to Sutter’s fort, a quick tour and very interesting. History from a Native American view…

4. Hang out at the Sacramento Zoo

     -Home to over 400 animals, educational amphitheater, and a train runs through the grounds…

5. Go check out the California State Capitol Museum

     -See the intricately detailed tile floors and craftsmanship of a bygone era… open since 1869

6. See The Governors Mansion State historic Park

     -Built in 1877, 14-feet ceilings, Persian carpets, ornate moldings, crystal chandeliers, Italian marble…

7. See a movie at downtown Sacramento’s IMAX Theatre

     -They say it’s the most powerful movie experience created!

8. Go through the Railroad Museum at Old Sacramento

     -Largest train museum in the country, Railroads; as revolutionary as  Space travel,  the Internet is today…

9. Visit the California Military Museum (old Sacramento again)

     -Chronological artifacts; Before Statehood, the Spanish/American War, Civil War, World War I and II….

10. Check out the old cars at Towe Auto Museum

     -More than 150 classics, if you like history, old cars and exploring our passion for speed…

It seems like my tastes have changed, since I last had ten days or so to just goof off in Sacramento. One of these days…



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