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How Long is it Taking In Sacramento County For The Bank to Foreclose

How does the foreclosure process work in California? What is the legal amount of time to foreclose in California? How long to foreclose in Sacramento?



Graph of Time to Foreclose in Sacramento County
06067 – Time to Foreclose in Sacramento


California Foreclosure Timelines and Foreclosure Information for California

California State Foreclosure Time-Frames, Foreclosure Timelines in California And Time to Foreclose in Sacramento California
What is the time to foreclose in California? Get the Latest Charts on California’s Foreclosure Timelines here.

According to, the average time for a foreclosure to be completed in Sacramento County is now 210 days.

The timelines for California Foreclosures now stands at 264 days. This is the amount of time from the Notice of Default to the trustee sale.

California Notice Of Default- The Beginning of the California Foreclosure Process beginning of the foreclosure process

These calculations of time to foreclosure in California and Sacramento foreclosure process time lines both use the filing of the Notice of Default as the initial day of the foreclosure process. It does not take into consideration the amount of time the homeowner made no payments before the NOD was filed. Depending on the bank, servicer and investor of each loan, this can be anywhere from 90 days to over two years…. since the last payment (The NOD legally cannot be filed until the loan is 60 days past due).

The legal foreclosure Time Lines in California and Time Line Chart for the

Legal Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process in California is:

Califronia Foreclosure Time Line And Process

California Foreclosure Time Line And Process

There have been more changes to California’s Foreclosure Timeline. Actually just one more step: The Bank or Servicer  must contact you and/or whoever else is on the mortgage loan, by phone or in person, to assess your financial situation and explore your options to avoid foreclosure and must advise you during that first contact that you have the right to request another meeting about how to avoid foreclosure. That meeting must be scheduled to take place within 14 days.

They cannot start the foreclosure process until at least 30 days after making contact to do that assessment and explore options to avoid foreclosure.

You may designate a HUD-certified housing counseling agency, attorney, or other adviser to talk on your behalf with the servicer or lender about ways to avoid foreclosure.

You get a chance to accept or reject any loan modification or other foreclosure avoidance plan that your representative and the lender/servicer come up with during that conversation. After taking these steps, if no foreclosure avoidance plan has been worked out, the foreclosing entity must record and serve the homeowner (and anyone else listed on the title) with a Notice of Default. The California Notice Of Default- The Beginning of the California Foreclosure Process

A minimum of three months after serving the Notice of Default, the foreclosing entity must file and serve the homeowner (and anyone else on title) with a Notice of Trustee Sale. A minimum of twenty days later, the property can be sold at a foreclosure sale. Here in Sacramento County, Trustee Auctions Location  (held nearly every business day) is at 720 9th St. Sacramento.

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El Dorado Hills, CA HAFA Specialist Reports

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Forth Hoyt, El Dorado Hills CA Certified HAFA Short Sale Specialist, Expert Short Sale Negotiator and Certified HAFA Short Sale Specialist explains changes and extension to HAFA Short Sale Program.

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If a Homeowner Wants to Keep Their Home in Sacramento

Mortgage Issues

CDPE Short Sale Specialist

Upside down in Sacramento? Mortgage Problems in Sacramento? Is your Sacramento Home Upside Down?  Who can help you with Mortgage Problems in Sacramento? What can you do if your Sacramento Area Mortgage is Too Much?

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I understand the many options available to Sacramento Area Homeowners who are struggling with a mortgage payment that has become out of hand.


HOW TO KEEP MY HOME… Homeowner Help Center

Quieting Your Mortgage Storm 916-316-3810

There are several Foreclosure Alternatives Available to Sacramento Area Homeowners.

There are several alternatives for a homeowner to consider when foreclosure is looming. Before proceeding, a homeowner must first choose whether or not he or she wants to keep his or her home.

If a homeowner wants to keep their home:

  • Repayment plan: The homeowner establishes a payment schedule with the lender to pay the delinquent amount.
  • Special forbearance plan: The homeowner requests a temporary reduction or payment suspension that will be increased after a set specific period of to repay the delinquent amount.
  • Modifying the mortgage: The homeowner can refinance the debt and/or extend the term of the loan.
  • HUD partial claim: If the homeowner has a loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration the lender can get a one time payment from the FHA-Insurance Fund to get the mortgage payments up to date.
  • Refinance: The homeowner can negotiate a new loan with a different interest rate in order to make smaller payments.
  • All options listed are subject to approval of the lender.

If a homeowner does not want to keep their home:

  • Sell the house: Depending on the situation, the homeowner may be able to sell the house for more than is owed to the lender.
  • Assumption: The homeowner turns over possession of the house to another person who then assumes the responsibility of the payments.
  • Short sale: The lender and the homeowner come to an agreement to sell the home at a loss in order to get the homeowner out. Homeowners who either must move for their job, have a family situation that forces a move, have a financial “hardship” (which is now a very loose term) or have some other reason that is making a move more of a necessity than merely a choice are nearly always approved for a short sale..
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: The homeowner surrenders the property to the lender without further damage to his or her credit. Only works if the bank is willing (and this is recorded as a foreclosure on your credit).

Do These Real Estate Tips Really Apply to YOU? Find out more about your particular situation:

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