Folsom Specialist Answers: Do you have to do a Loan Mod Before Short Sale?

If Your Loan Mod Is Successful (and over 4% Are) You Can Stay In Your Home!

You CAN stay in your home if you are successful!

People ask me all theĀ  time; Do you have to be turned down for a loan mod before you can Short Sale your home?

Well, the aswer is an emphatic NO! but why wouldn’t you try? Even though less than 5% are successful; you’ve GOT to try to modify your loan andĀ  and stay in your home right?

The next question is always: who can help me with loan modification in Folsom? I am always happy to… and I get the request so often now, I have even written a report and and Easy Do it yourself Loan Mod System

Finally! Folsom Loan Modification Help!

Folsom’s Multi-Certified Pre-Foreclosure Expert and Short Sale Expert Forth Hoyt; and Home Retention Advocate, along with Foreclosure Options Experts At and Folsom Keller Williams have written and recently compiled an in-depth loan modification packet to help Folsom Homeowners keep their homes.

This is a brand new report that includes step by step loan modification instructions and “Folsom do it yourself Loan Mod Kit” available to Folsom Residents who are upside down for free!

Read The Entire Story And Order Your Loan Mod Kit Today!

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