Natomas Loan Modifications- How To Modify Your Loan

Cuccessful Loan Modifications are difficult

Cuccessful Loan Modifications are difficult

What is your successful Natomas loan modification going to look like?

Loan modification, the systematic alteration of contractual mortgage loan agreements, has been around in the United States for over 70 years.  During the Great Depression many loan mod programs were sponsored and executed at the state level in an effort to reduce levels of loan foreclosures.

Natomas Foreclosure Options Expert, Certified Foreclosure And Short Sale Specialist and Successful Short Sale Agent Forth Hoyt Provides Information on Successfully Negotiating a Loan Modification With your Bank…  and gives access to a free report entitled “Your Guide To A Successful Loan Mod”

It uncovers the truth about loan mod’s: only a modification that provides a long term, sustainable solution can be considered a success…

Here is just a part of Section One:

You, Your Family and your Mortgage

Begin With The End In Mind
What is your goal? What’s the target? What exactly do you want/need in order for you to make it? Know your outcome! 

What is your successful loan modification going to look like?

Take a hard, realistic look at your situation and ask yourself  what changes your bank would need to make in order for you to manage your payment. Keep in mind that if you can get the changes you need in the form of an affordable payment, the duration of the payment adjustment must provide you enough time to get back on firm financial footing. Otherwise, you will be right back in a bad situation before you know it. So you must have a goal: what changes do you need and how long do you need them? What Will your Secessful Loan Mod Look Like? How Will You Know If Your Loan Mod Is A Success?

Win-Win or No Deal
These decisions and clearly defined expectations of your outcome are not easy to make, but they are necessary. By knowing the minimum modification, the minimum amount of time you will settle for, you can move forward knowing that anything less is a waste of time. When you what you want and need you are on your way towards recovery. Just remember, treat it like a business decision. Be realistic, know what you need, and don’t settle for a solution that is not really a solution.

You are NOT the Villain Here
American families are facing more economic difficulty than at any time in the past 70 years. Not since the Great Depression have there been so many families facing serious many financial obstacles.

A large part of the problem was brought on by the financial market excesses of the first six years of the 21st century (2001 thru 2006). Real estate values reached dizzying levels, leading American Families to feel intoxicated by the “wealth effect.” And, everyone wanted in. As prices went up, the mortgage industry came up with new and creative loan programs that made it possible to buy homes that people really couldn’t afford. Make no mistake, these programs were not designed for the common good, these creative loan products were not driven by the desire to increase homeownership for the benefit of society. No, the loans were originated, packaged, sold, chopped up, repackaged and sold again with one thing in mind — quick and substantial profit.

It’s true, many American families may have made choices that were not as responsible as they should have been.  However if the go-go loans had never been created and the call centers and telemarketers pushing the toxic loans never existed, most of those same American families would have continued to live within their means. But instead, the entire mortgage, real estate and banking and investing industries pushed these programs: from loan officers, appraisers, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage bankers, underwriters, Wall Street entrepreneurs and many others all played their parts.

Much of the mortgage mess we are dealing with now is a direct result of a mortgage industry that during those first several years of this century to completely abdicated their responsibility to verify a borrower’s ability to pay when making a mortgage loan.

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