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EL Dorado Hills Short Sale Information and Reports

El Dorado Hills Short Sales Are A Better Choice
El Dorado Hills Short Sales Are A Better Choice

Are Short Sales in El Dorado Hills  Increasing? Yes, and here’s why:

El Dorado Hills Expert Short Sale Negotiator and Certified Short Sale Specialist Forth Hoyt Reports on Short Sales in El Dorado Hills

I had two different El Dorado Hills homeowners not yet in  Foreclosure call me recently  to talk about their situation and ask “can we qualify for a short sale in El Dorado Hills?”

Both homeowners occupied their homes as their primary place of residence, both had faced a substantial decline in household income, both were looking at retirement in a few years and upside down by a long way!

Both homeowners asked “are we candidates for a short sale?  Can We Even Qualify For A Short Sale?”

In both instances I answered “absolutely, you have definitely got a documentable and substantial hardship for a short sale;  as long as you are committed and will be responsive and reasonable with the bank , servicer and investor’s frequent  requests for updated documentation and proof of your situation.”

These are the types of people who absolutely fit in the “short sale sweet spot”, they are highly qualified for a short sale; people who are struggling now to make payments, who are foregoing home  maintenance, putting off home repairs, falling behind on other debts… and are looking at an even lower monthly income at retirement in the next few years.

It seems that even those who have never lost a job, but their spouse has, or have seen reduced over-time, or a failed home-based business, or spouses that are no longer working part time are finding their credit cards reaching their limits.  And definitely no longer enjoying home appreciation that can no longer be tapped periodically to pay credit cards or upgrade automobiles…

More and more of the El Dorado Hills  prospects for a short sale that I talk to are still current but have reached the end of their rope… and many of them made substantial down payments and were counting of home equity for their retirement and are having a hard time facing the fact that they have to let their home go.

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California’s New Short Sale Law Stops Recourse on Second Mortgages

Non Recourse Laws for Short Sale Junior Mortgages

Non Recourse Laws for Short Sale Junior Mortgages

Can a second loan collect after short sale? Do Junior Loans or Second Mortgages have collection rights?

Not any more! but what will the newest California short sale law do to the actual short sale negotiation process? Will the short sale process in California be effected by the newest short sale law SB458?

As a Sacramento Professional Short Sale Negotiator and Sacramento Short Sale Specialist, I spend a large part of my day on the phone with first and first and second mortgages, servicers and investors, negotiating short sales for my clients here in the Sacramento area.I find myself constantly helping to train the people I am negotiating with, sending them information and explaining how short sales work in Sacramento.

I have already had three conversations with junior lien-holders today explaining the  new Anti-Deficiency Law in California ; SB458 that just recently went into effect.
On July 15, Governor Jerry Brown Signed Into Effect a New Short Sale  Law That Effectively Stops All Recourse On Junior Mortgages In California After A Short Sale Has Been Approved.

From an email from California Association of Realtors on July 15, 2011: “Effective immediately for transactions closing escrow from this day forward, both senior and junior lien-holders cannot require a borrower to owe or pay for a deficiency in a short sale. This law also prohibits any deficiency judgment to be requested or rendered for senior or junior liens after a short sale of one-to-four residential units. Any purported waiver of this rule shall be void and against public policy.”

The bill would also  prohibit the holder of a note from requiring the trustor, mortgagor, or maker of
the note to pay any additional compensation, aside from the proceeds of the sale, in exchange for the written consent to the sale.

Questions on your particular Situation? Will Your Short Sale Be Approved?

Contact us today at Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center 916-316-3810

Or find out here  about New Government Foreclosure Prevention Program Eligibility- Which Programs Do You Qualify For?

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Short Sales On El Dorado Hills Luxury Homes

Beauutiful El Dorado Hills Home

Beautiful El Dorado Hills Home

El Dorado Hills Certified  Short Sale Specialist and Expert Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt Explains to Luxury Home Owners Thinking Of  a Short Sale that in many ways, Higher Priced Short Sales are easier to negotiate than their counterparts…

The Luxury Short Sale is many times the easiest short sale to negotiate- well maintained properties that need no repairs, sophisticated, well informed buyers and educated sellers who have done their homework and know how the game is played all make for a much easier transaction.

Investigating a Short Sale on your  on your Upside Down Luxury Priced El Dorado Hills Home?

Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

Once your El Dorado Hills Short Sale Specialist Agent has determined whether or not your situation fits a short sale and that the banks will likely approve your hardship, I will  put your short sale in Sacramento on the market and go to work on compiling a KILLER SHORT SALE FILE.

What documents go in a short sale package? El Dorado Hills Certified  Short Sale Specialist and Certified Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt talks about the benefits of putting together a “killer” short sale file.

A well organized, complete, well thought out, strategically orchestrated, professional looking short sale package (the Killer Short Sale File) allows the bank or servicers short sale negotiator to have everything they need to to begin the process of negotiating your short sale with the investor (the owner of your note). Organized, concise, indexed and complete, a killer short sale file sets your file apart from the norm and makes the negotiators job easy- So your short sale file stays at the top of the stack and gets the most attention because your short sale is the easiest to work!

What is the first element of a great package? Your Hardship Letter; What is a Hardship Letter? The Short Sale Hardhip Letter Sets The Stage

Looking for a Great Short Sale Agent In El Dorado Hills?

More questions about your particular situation? Contact us today at Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center or call 916-316-3810

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Another Wells Fargo Short Sale In Natomas Closed!

Another Natomas Condo Short Sale!

Natomas Condo Short Sale With Wells Fargo

Natomas Condo Short Sale With Wells Fargo

As a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist, I get calls all the time from homeowners in Natomas who are upside down. Because many Natomas Builders used Wells Fargo to finance their new construction homes during the building boom,  Wells Fargo is many times their bank. Wells Fargo has recently implemented many brand new short sale systems and procedures that will surely help Natomas Short Sales.

Wells Fargo short sales are becoming easier and easier to close. They have become one of me and my team’s favorite lenders to work with.

As a Natomas Area Certified Short Sale Team, we specialize in Short Sales.  We stay abreast of the many changes and “moving targets” of lenders through our many certified short sale designations and certifications from banks and lenders, hours of education classes, Keller Williams Short Sale Specialist Groups and collaboration through nation-wide Short Sale Specialist  forums .

Questions on your particular situation? Contact us today at Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center.

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Another successfully negotiated a short sale for this home in Fair Oaks!

Fair Oaks Short Sale

Fair Oaks Short Sale Agent Negotiates Another Successfull Fair Oaks Short Sale

As a Fair Oaks Short Sale Agent, when I meet with a new client, they often feel helpless and overwhelmed by the bills that just keep coming in. It’s very rewarding to help them get clear on their options during our first meeting together.

Many walk away from our appointment relieved they now know what they can expect and have a plan to prevent a foreclosure.

This short sale in Fair Oaks was a tough one!  This home was in need of repairs, so we needed a buyer who could pay cash or use hard money to finance this home. Short Sales That Require Repairs are never easy, and although every short sale has their hurdles… we were able to maneuver around the repair issues by finding a buyer with the right financing for this Fair Oaks Short Sale.

There is nothing better than helping a client out of a stressful situation.  Most of my clients come to me when they have exhausted all their options and many feel stressed out and frustrated.

My job is to help my clients get out from under their mortgage they can no longer afford.

I have put together a great short sale information website that will tell you more about the option of short sale and how it can prevent a foreclosure.  It’s a great resource! !

We have helped many families in Fair Oaks short sale their home. We can help you too!  Give us a call and let’s get started!

By the way…

What is the HAMP/ HAFA Program? What about the Second Lien Modification Program (2MP) Or Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)


Forth Hoyt, Sacramento Certified Short Sale Agent And Expert Short Sale Negotiator Explains The Many New Government Anti Foreclosure, Government Loan Modification And Government Short Sale Programs

There are a number of government anti foreclosure programs available to provide you with solutions. These government programs have been getting a lot of attention lately.  Especially the HAFA government short sale program. See which homeowner options program below matches your situation best, and then take the survey to see if you are eligible for government programs.

Check HAMP program eligibility. Check HAFA program eligibility, and HAMP eligibility guidelines.


Take action, find out more about your options and learn if you are eligible. If your situation is urgent, or you have further questions, feel free to Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

The newest Anti Foreclosure and Short Sale programs that the government has rolled out recently:

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA)

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

Second Lien Modification Program (2MP)

More Questions?

Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center


Find if you qualify for your 1st or 2nd Lien Modification Program (2MP) harp

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