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New Chase Short Sale Outreach Program Helps homeowners and Investors Alike!

Chase Outreach Program Targets Both Homeowners and Investors

Sacramento real estate investor Finds Sacramento Area Short Sale Specialist And Certified Short Sale Negotiator to help her participate in the new Chase Short Sale Outreach Program.

Got a call off my Sacramento Short Sale Center Website from a Sacramento investor yesterday about eleven o’clock.  She was frantic, as she had talked with another Sacramento Short Sale Agent who had promised to meet with her on Sunday and preview her triplex and take her listing. She needed it done quickly because she had been  communication with Chase and they had offered her their new CHASE SHORT SALE OUTREACH PROGRAM.  The other agent had flaked and was not answering his phone, (I hope nothing bad happened) so she had asked the short sale negotiator at the outreach program what to do- the negotiator said to Google  Sacramento certified short sale agent and my sites came up several times on the first page.  The investor explained that the Trustee Sale (or Foreclosure Sale) was in almost exactly twenty four hours and she needed to list the property so she could get the listing paperwork turned in to the Chase outreach department and they could extend the sale-

Well, long story short; my sign went up today, the foreclosure sale was postponed and I preview the property and meet the tenants tomorrow.  Another listing and another upcoming Sacramento short sale closing!

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