More than 18 percent of FHA borrowers are at least one payment behind

 FHA Foreclosures Surge

Mortgages in foreclosure

Did you read that?

FHA foreclosures? Holy cow; that means nearly one in five FHA loans are more than 30 days behind! Most of those FHA borrowers would have bought since the mortgage crash of 2007, since FHA loans were almost extinct before that…

The Mortgage Bankers Association also found recently that 14 percent of all homeowners with any type of mortgage were either behind on payments or in foreclosure at the end of September. It was a record-high figure for the ninth straight quarter.

As they say; even a dead cat will bounce– The media had it all wrong this summer; calling for a bottom and raising hopes of a housing turn-around… There are still many, many more homes coming through the fore closure pipeline…

Loan modification starts are way up, nearly 700,000 homeowners nationally (about 20% of those who qualify) have started the modification process. However, over 75% of those will default again, recent history shows us.  And of the 25% that don’t default, how many of them will re-consider when they finally realize that only 10% of loan modifications have any type of principle reduction… it may take 20 years in some areas to get back to ‘ground zero’ or where folks can sell without going short or bringing money to the closing table.

I am really not a pessimistic person, in fact I am too optimistic usually and it has cost me a lot of money and pain by seeing through “rose colored glasses” in the past.  I just really see too many signs of more problems to come and think we are a long way from the bottom

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